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“The photographer watches for the perfect picture.

The mathematician watches for the perfect measurement.

The astronomer watches for the perfect timing.

The night owls watch for the entertainment.

The techie watches from his computer, trading the holiness of being present for the clarity of a screen.

The worker watches from the back of his eyelids, too tired, or busy, to behold the spectacle.

But the dreamer; the dreamer watches with the hope that the world will watch him that way some day too- so intently, just waiting for the beauty of His creation to unfold.”



How many of you photographers, mathematicians, astronomers, night owls,  and dreamers were also outside last night,

watching the mystery of this beautiful full lunar eclipse unfold?


mike newman - great pics honey thanks a million lol

Poor Pitiful Pearl {grounded}

I’m not able to accurately put into words how much of a natural high I was on after this shoot for Poor Pitiful Pearl. Gorgeous line, gorgeous model, gorgeous light and scenery. THIS is what my dream sessions/shoots are made of.

I own several of her one-of-a-kind pieces, a favorite being my DARE shirt from 5th grade that she added flannel sleeves to. Or wait – no, it’s a men’s pearl snap shirt that she turned into a cute “oxy.” OH! Nevermind, it has to be my bellbottoms.  I truly can’t decide. Add to that a new favorite, a bell-sleeved olive top from this new line. Confession – I may have worn it for 4 days straight. To bed and all day long (showers sprinkled in there too, of course). It’s glorious.

This woman is creative, hard-working, faith-FULL, and a wonderful mother. I’m so fortunate to call her a friend.

Check out her shop here.

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And I think I need those tribal print leggings…