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May/June Urban Paws | Houston Dog Photographer

Just realized I never published this post!! Ahh! Please forgive me. Featured on the cover this month are volunteer of the year, Coleman, and the monthly rescue dog up for adoption. We met downtown (Houston) at Discovery Green, which is SUCH an Oasis for those of you who live close enough to enjoy it… And got some fun shots of these two new buddies! If you haven’t already, check out Urban Paws Magazine and send them some love!

1 Year.

It’s been a year and a few days since Bailey’s passing… and this quote on Dog Photographer Erin Vey’s Blog really struck a chord with me. Though I just got around to reading it today, the blog was posted the morning after she passed (a year ago).

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” -Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Bailey was “my” first dog. She spent the last couple years of college with me, and the 4 years that came after. She made it through a couple break-ups, several moves, and the roommates that came with those moves. Through all of that, she was the one constant that I could count on to be there too lick away the tears, brighten my day after a long day at work, and enjoy a long drive when all I wanted to do was drive. My favorite memories of her: teaching her to swim in the ocean, going trail running (she was the leader but never got out of sight), going camping in Luckenbach and watching her make friends with anyone who would play with her, morning time when she would lay her head on my stomach… There are too many to name.

I now have another sweet angel in my life, Harper. Harper is the polar opposite of Bailey, who was the obvious 90 lb. alpha female. Harper’s about half the size, and rolls over at the slightest hint of conflict. I have a feeling they would’ve gotten along beautifully, and they have, in my dreams. 🙂 Rest in peace, my little girl, and please keep coming back to visit in my dreams.


I’m Published! | Houston Dog Photographer

I’m finally able to post these pictures! Exciting to be on the cover of a magazine, shooting what I love. This handsome guy was a rescue doberman up for adoption (they do that every issue….I love it), and just precious to work with. I cannot wait to shoot the next issue. Check out the magazine – I love everything about it. Below is the cover for Jan/Feb.


Jill Beninato - Congratulations! I LOVE your cover shot and the others are wonderful as well…I hope you get some exposure for your business with this piece. Free advertising is always the best kind!

Jenn - GREAT photos!! I love them!