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Travel // San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A few weeks ago, I had the extreme pleasure of traveling to San Miguel de Allende with my friend Lizzy, for her new business Mi Tia.

If you haven’t been, San Miguel is a quaint mountain town with brick and stone streets, colorful buildings, lush greenery, and the most festive friendly people. I was drooling and had hearts in my eyes the entire time I was there. It seemed that every corner we turned unveiled a new stunning view, different than any we’d seen before.

I took 2 cameras this time – that same little Canon AE-1 for film (first round of photos shown below), and my Canon 5D Mkii (second round). I’m still SO in love with the film shots that I went and bought a full frame film camera to start using on the regular.

I curated a collection from my Mexico trips, and am selling fine art prints on my website. I’d love it if you took a peek – let me know which one is your favorite!

Film Shots:


Digital Shots:








Travel // Monterrey, Mexico

It was December 28, I think. No plans were yet made with my close-knit circle of friends in Austin to celebrate ringing in the New Year, and there was a little bit of buzzing about a house party… maybe Marfa/Big Bend. Camping – yes! I’m in. And then I get a phone call from one in the group – “Hey, what do you think about Monterrey?” And so we did it. 8 of us packed into 3 cars, stayed a night in Laredo, and hopped a Greyhound bus for Monterrey at 6am.

The weekend was more spectacular than I ever could have dreamed, and I’m still pinching myself at the time we had. We stayed at a wonderful little hostel in el Barrio Antigua, and walked everywhere we wanted to go. I took one camera – a new-to-me Canon AE-1, with a couple rolls of Portra800, and Ilford HP5 400 (b/w).