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Fly-fishing the Third Coast

A couple weeks ago, I got an incredible invite to fish the saltwater flats with my friend Tiffany (owner of Gruene Outfitters and sister store/nextdoor neighbor The Pomegranate), and guide Jack Campbell. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity, camera in tow.

This was not only a chance for us to get some time on the water, but also to get some photography of apparel in the Pom, and test out new gear in the fly shop. Tiffany definitely outfished me, but I like to pretend it’s because I was so focused on getting *allll the shots.* The light in the morning really was so gorgeous. And that storm/rainbow combo?!

I like my sleep, but I somehow have NO problem setting an alarm for 5am (or earlier) when the days look like this:


Travel // San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A few weeks ago, I had the extreme pleasure of traveling to San Miguel de Allende with my friend Lizzy, for her new business Mi Tia.

If you haven’t been, San Miguel is a quaint mountain town with brick and stone streets, colorful buildings, lush greenery, and the most festive friendly people. I was drooling and had hearts in my eyes the entire time I was there. It seemed that every corner we turned unveiled a new stunning view, different than any we’d seen before.

I took 2 cameras this time – that same little Canon AE-1 for film (first round of photos shown below), and my Canon 5D Mkii (second round). I’m still SO in love with the film shots that I went and bought a full frame film camera to start using on the regular.

I curated a collection from my Mexico trips, and am selling fine art prints on my website. I’d love it if you took a peek – let me know which one is your favorite!

Film Shots:


Digital Shots: